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Of course I would never endorse dispatching cute and defenseless animals, however if artistic endeavours were judged by how many kittens died in it’s making, this would rank an 11 on the kitten scale. Just saying.

Kitten Scale


Is clearly a chinese sex toy factory. This place is so surreal I don’t think a bad photograph could be taken there. See all 30 shots here.

credit reuters / jason lee




This kinda stuff is generally comes off as gimmicky but this one goes waaaay beyond that as exhibited by the sheer lever
of insane engineering and precision. Well played sir.

Diamond Shot from David Roux-Fouillet on Vimeo.


I salute you sir. Just look at him, the man is clearly a national treasure and has devoted his entire life to his passion,
miniature animatronic fuck machines.  They also smack of Fritz Lange’s Metropolis. The best quote is highly debateable
but I like this one maybe because he’s just so matter of fact about it:

[holding up a robot horse with an extendable penis] “And he also has a f*ckable butt.”





This plate is real old and a depiction of every day life, so the content is non-ironic.  Just a couple of guys on the job, keepin it real, clubbin seals…