The Irish food safety watchdog said that it had discovered traces of horse and pig DNA in burger products sold by some of the country’s biggest supermarkets, including a burger sold by global retailer Tesco that authorities said was made of roughly 30 percent horse.

It puts a whole new meaning to “I want to shower you in sugar lumps…”



In a town near Barack Obama’s father’s rural village, Millicent Owuor, 20, named her new born twins Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The first born being called Barack Obama, closely followed by Mitt Romney to mirror the results of the election.

I was thinking of calling my fictitious twins “Sandy and Nor’Easter” Cool?


Fifteen years ago, the townspeople of Talkeetna (population 800) didn’t take much of a liking to any of the current mayoral candidates so they did the obvious thing and wrote a kitten named Stubbs in for the role.

Mayor Stubbs has held his position ever since. Citizens claim he is a very honest mayor, doesn’t raise taxes and doesn’t interfere with local businesses.





A Pennsylvania man is suing a strip club after a vigorous lapdance left him hospitalized. The red faced bachelor was invited to lie on stage while said stripper shimmied up the pole and launched herself down on him from a great height leaving him with a burst bladder.

Medical costs, pain, humiliation and mental anguish : $50,000

Explaining what happened to your fiance: priceless.






He needs a dolla dolla, a dolla is what he needs…



This is yet another daft..Tumbler site on the go….


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Of course I would never endorse dispatching cute and defenseless animals, however if artistic endeavours were judged by how many kittens died in it’s making, this would rank an 11 on the kitten scale. Just saying.

Kitten Scale


Is clearly a chinese sex toy factory. This place is so surreal I don’t think a bad photograph could be taken there. See all 30 shots here.

credit reuters / jason lee


The ‘McDonaldland’ Specification Manual (a style guide) was sent to licensees in the 1970′s to help create McDonaldland-licensed items.
Some seriously psychedelic shit….. Not sure how it would entice you into eating burgers!
























































































This man is alone. He is observing, he sees the world around him. He is not terribly concerned with the world.
Maybe it is because he can’t change that world, or maybe it is because he is at elevated state unconcerned with the mere
material that is the medium of ‘human’ existence.
Either way, he doesn’t give a shit about your tightly cuffed jeans and twee faux-work boots.

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There was very little room. There were kayaks involved. A Mormon missionary actual stopped to watch the job of the parking. It worked out. This is the happiest story I have ever told.




This kinda stuff is generally comes off as gimmicky but this one goes waaaay beyond that as exhibited by the sheer lever
of insane engineering and precision. Well played sir.

Diamond Shot from David Roux-Fouillet on Vimeo.


Looks like a bit of craic all right….

These wonderful photographs were taken the amazing Steven Siegel. He has been documenting New York City’s five boroughs (and beyond) for over three decades now…. you can view more of his collection here.




























Bushwick Circa 1980






































Abandoned West Side Highway, circa 1980(Photo by Steven Siegel)






















South Bronx circa 1980 (Photo by Steven Siegel)












Hey look at that. Severed sunbaked penises are now considered ‘new’.


So here’s the thing: Los Angeles is not a great place. I say that from an East Coast perspective, which is to say,
the most enlightened perspective on earth (perhaps next to the French when it comes to the matter of coquettish pouting).
But that’s not the point. The point is that when you walk down the street in LA, lamenting the fact that you are in LA,
you come upon something like this: an object so suited to sit against the blue backdropped eternal road that is Los Angeles.


Mike the Headless Chicken (April 1945 – March 1947), was a Wyandotte chicken that lived for
18 months after his head had been mostly cut off. Thought by many to be a hoax, the bird’s
owner took him to the University of Utah in Salt Lake City to establish the facts of the story.

Once his fame had been established, Mike began a career of touring sideshows in the company
of such other creatures as a two-headed calf. He was also photographed for dozens of
magazines and papers, featuring in Time and Life magazines.


Curiosity is the surest sign of intelligence.
Unless you are curious about what a beached whale being liquidized with explosives looks like at close range.
Then its not very intelligent.


I salute you sir. Just look at him, the man is clearly a national treasure and has devoted his entire life to his passion,
miniature animatronic fuck machines.  They also smack of Fritz Lange’s Metropolis. The best quote is highly debateable
but I like this one maybe because he’s just so matter of fact about it:

[holding up a robot horse with an extendable penis] “And he also has a f*ckable butt.”





I know, a car park!
Well not any car park …..THIS CAR PARK!

























































Designed by Craig & Karl (Craig Redman and Karl Maier)
for a private residence in Sydney, Australia.

Mural installation by Edward Woodley.
Photography by Katherine Lu.



This plate is real old and a depiction of every day life, so the content is non-ironic.  Just a couple of guys on the job, keepin it real, clubbin seals…




I found the internet. He is a 57 year old male, formidable mustache, confident gait.


My work explores the relationship between acquired synesthesia and recycling culture. With influences as diverse as Derrida and Miles Davis, new insights are extrapolated from both opaque and transparent meanings….

Having trouble creating an obtuse enough artists statement?